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A British Summer

Okay, so you’re probably thinking why the hell is she posting an outfit in England when she’s on holiday?! Well, in truth, I really missed shooting and posting outfits on the blog so I juts thought… Why not just post this look now instead of posting it when I get home?! So here is one of my fav outfits of all time! I hope you like it 😀 .

I don’t know… but England seems to be renowned for being rainy… all year round. But I need to stress that honestly … English summers are just fabulous ! When the suns out,  the ice cream vans chime and parks are filled with all sorts of people reading, relaxing and sunbathing. All the roads are packed with cars on their way to the nearest beach to get that summer tan going. So as you can see…British summers are just so perfect ! When it comes to dressing for the English summer, you do have to take into account of the cooler breezy evenings, but apart from that … you can be as summery as you like !

I was so lucky to meet Julia from @merakibyjulia for this shoot and she’s honestly the loveliest happiest girl ever! She’s so smiley and fun to be with, what a ray of sunshine ! If you aren’t already following her then be sure to find her on Instagram, she’s such a cutie! <3 Our day was full of shooting , lunching, coffee and exploring ! We first met at Sloan Square station because there’s almost no better place than Chelsea to shoot and eat… and sadly… also to spend too much money hahahah 😉 . It was so weird because we got on like a house on fire as soon as we met!! At first just wondered around the Chelsea area, checking out all the boutique shops that we couldn’t afford and getting pictures of cute little side streets and flower shops. 

Once we got into the mood for shooting we decided to get straight on it, since both of us were a little camera shy in front of each other it did take a little time heheh ;).

This is probably my favourite summer outfit to date, it’s full of character and fun prints and still has an element of those summer colours ! I’m wearing this absolutely gorgeous checkered cropped blouse, that has these gorgeous puffed sleeves and a tie waist. I just literally love everything about it ! The sleeves add a bit of “vavavoom” to the look while the checks are that staple wardrobe pattern that basically goes with everything ! To go with that, I’m wearing a bargain of a skirt that I got from Topshop last year for £8!! What a deal am I right?! I do love a good bargain and saving money on clothes… especially since I started uni 😉 . With it’s layered frills and mini polka dots it adds that serious feminine touch which I love for summer. 

To finish off, I’m wearing my fav mustard Chelsea boots from Zara; once again these were another bargain, only £15 and real suede !! If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know how much I love yellow! I honestly think it’s such a great colour to add to an outfit any time of year! Finally, just for practicalities I’m wearing my supercute “pony skin” rucksack also by Zara just to add that extra bit of colour ! You know what I’m like when it comes to colour 😉 I’m honestly obsessed with any bright and happy hahahaha 😀 .

I honestly had the best day with Julia ever! One of the things I love about blogging is that you get to meet such wonderful people with similar interest and you just never know where and when you might meet new people ! If you aren’t already following her Instagram and blog then you sooo need to ! She’s honestly such a happy soul and she channels that into her fashion and blog !

I hope you liked this outfit post! I loved shooting it with Julia, it was honestly so much funnn! If you did, be sure to follow me on Instagram @izzy_manuel for updates on whenever I upload a new blog post! I’m also going to upload a tone of youtube videos when I get back so be ready for that too 😉 .

Lots of love, Izzy xxx

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