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A Guide to London’s Best Street Food

Being born and raised in the hustle and bustle of London has definitely made me explore the different cuisines within the multicultural city. So after trekking around London with friends and family and trying all the possible street food; I have decided to put together my four favourite street food stalls and restaurants in London as a preliminary guide, whether you are a typical Londoner or new to this lively city, I hope you will find this guide useful ! 🙂


1) Yolkin- Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich

I actually came across Yolkin for the first time from my good friend Katie who decided that we just had to try the UK’s first Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. Initially set up by Sammie who wanted to share her love for macaroons and the French cuisine, she decided to experiment by making a “dish” with ice-cream and macaroons all in one! Sammie doesn’t own her own shop so she therefore sets up pop-up stores across London which can change location from weekend to weekend. You can find the location of her stores on both her website and instagram which I will link you for all. I am absolutely in love with Yolkin and I will definitely be going back for some more of those delightful macaroons!

Yolkin: Website

Yolkin: Instagram


2) Bao- Taiwanese Steam Buns and Street Food

Coming from an Asian background, I’ve always loved trying different flavours and textures that you find in Asian street food. London has it’s perks when it comes to food, where you can easily find a variety of cuisines and amazing flavours around every corner. However It can sometimes be a bit difficult to find authentic food; recently I came across Bao in Soho which serves traditional Taiwanese street food dishes. The word “Bao” itself means “bun” in Chinese, where the typical Taiwanese bun is steamed with a lovely meaty filling and served with variety of sauces.  Not only do they sell unbelievably good buns but they also sell the most fantastic small dishes which are perfect for sharing. If you are ever in Soho and are willing to try the best authentic Asian food in London, then you should seriously try out Bao 😉

Bao: Website

Bao: Instagram

IMG_5769IMG_57643) Porky’s BBQ- Boxpark Shoreditch

Pulled pork is a classic British dish which can be difficult to conquer, but I have found the best pulled pork burger you will ever eat ! While on a day trip to Bricklane, I passed Boxpark next to Shoreditch train station and decided to get a quick lunch. I came across this amazing BBQ house which sells the most succulent and juicy pulled pork burger. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere is Boxpark is so vibrant yet very chilled and comfortable. If your looking for a great burger in a trendy location then Porky’s BBQ is the place!

Porky’s BBQ: Website

Porky’s BBQ: Instagram


4) Pho- Vietnamese Noodles

If you’re thinking Noodles then you should be thinking Pho! Pho is famous for is fresh, fast and healthy noodles in a variety of sauces and soups. Concentrating on the original Vietnamese rice noodles, which can be served in either a simple stock or a jazzed up with spicy stock, all of which are served with fresh herbs on the side which can be added according to your own taste buds. The restaurants themselves are pretty small yet lively, its indeed vary rare to find a Pho with no one inside. 😉 With five restaurants dotted across London and many more across the UK you will be sure to find one near to you 🙂

Pho: Website

Pho: Instagram

I hope you find my London street food guide useful and definitely let me know if you ever go to one of these restaurant and what you thought of them!  See you in my next post 🙂

ps. I also want to let you know that I am not paid nor asked by any of these restaurants to promote them, these restaurants have been chosen purely by my own opinions.

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