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A Slow Clothing Brand I Love

Well hello … Long time no see ! (I believe it’s been two weeks since my last blog post ?!) Well, I would like to say that firstly, I’m sorry about that ! Uni’s just got so busy especially with placement applications… Despite, that, I’m so ready to get back into blogging and I’ve got quite a few blog posts lined up 😉 . If you remember a few weeks ago when I discussed the topic of fast fashion and why I personally don’t believe in it and why I’m trying to be more suitable with my fashion choices… Well, recently I stumbled across a brand which really caught my eye, both from a fashion point of view and from a sustainable respect. We know that I love stand out pieces that are different and unique, but despite that, I’m also one who loves a good wardrobe staple. With being in and out of labs and lectures everyday, I like to have clothes that I can throw on and still feel well put together… So I guess it’s time to introduce you all to Peregrine. I’ve mentioned them briefly on my Instagram stories and a cheeky discount code which I will bring up a little later 😉 . Peregrine is a family run kind of business, mainly focuses on wardrobe stables and knitwear perfect for everyday. Unlike many highstreet brands, all Peregrine products are made right here in the UK ! (Manchester to be precise 😉 ) All the wool also comes from British farmers from around the corner from the factory so you know exactly where all the raw materials come from.

(Use the code “IZZYM35” to get 35% off the whole website !)

Each item is carefully crafted in England, and the brand itself are a big advocate for slow fashion and bring the idea of sustainability forward in their designs and and brand ethos. Unlike many big stores like Zara and H&M, they don’t release a new line every 2 weeks or so, instead they produce a new collection either once or twice a year. Which you may think is pretty little, but let’s be honest, we can’t go buying new clothes every two weeks, so why not buy wardrobe stables a couple of times a year that are higher quality and are actually helping save the environment all at the same time ?! Whenever I wear a Peregrine item, I always feel like it’s just nice to wear something that’s made in the UK, I also love supporting local businesses and Peregrine originally comes from Bristol which is literally around the corner from me!

As I said, I love incorporating wardrobe staples into my everyday life! For this outfit I decided to style their Denim Shirt Jacket because who doesn’t love a bit of denim ?! Is it just me, or this denim jacket is kind of a cross between a trench coat and an oversized shirt? I’ve always loved a good trench coat, especially the camel coloured ones, but I always feel so overdressed in them… I don’t whether it’s because I resemble camel with more formal work clothes or whether I think the style is just a bit more formal, but I’ve definitely been on the look out for something as classy and classic as a trench coat but not quite as formal !

And then I found this little number, it’s a pretty simple jacket, with a straight line cut, large external pockets and a wax finish. Simple ,but absolutely PERFECT for everyday ! It’s also definitely the kind of piece that you can wear all year round ! Especially as a student you generally can’t afford 200 coats for all every different types of weather you come across, so I was SO happy that I found this !

Another thing I really loved was the masculinity of the coat ! Since it’s pretty oversized straight line fit, it has the looks a bit like a mens pea coat rather than a women’s more fitted coat. I know that a lot of the clothes I wear is pretty feminine and I know, I love pink and orange hahaha. But recently I’ve been getting into more masculine clothes. Maybe it’s because I like to steal my other halves jumpers and tee-shirts or that mens clothes are generally very comfy?!…( Okay, let’s be honestly it’s definitely both of those hahaha.) But yesss, love the oversized nature of mens clothes so the masculinity of this jacket is something I definitely love ! Oversized; not only does it look good but you can layer for England which is PERFECT for the cooler days !

For this outfit, I wanted to show how something simple and elegant can be styled into an outfit that really stands out from the crowd. Since the coat is more on the formal side and a simple dark blue, I decided to pair it with my pink ruffle flare trousers. I’ve always believed that pink and blue are complimentary colours so you can’t really go wrong hahaha 😉 . As we know, I’m OBSESSED with clashing colours and I always think flares (especially someone my height lol) looks best when heeled boots are worn ! So I decided to whip out my mustard Zara boots, because honestly, I love these shoes and would attempt to wear them with everything to be honest hahahah 😀 . To finish things off I’m wearing my all time fav bag which appears in every single outfit I swear hahaha 😉 . This outfit is something that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and despite all the colours and textures, I kinda feel like it is the coat that brings the outfit all together !

So you tell me, would you wear this coat ?! 😉 Because, honestly I would wear it everyday !!

As well as this jacket, I picked out a couple a couple of jumpers and a scarf too because I just couldn’t help it ! 😉 I can’t wait to show you how I styled the jumpers too (keep an eye out on the blog and Insta 😉 ) ! They’re so classic and British which I LOVE ! But they’re also perfect to wear everyday. So if you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe and support slow fashion and a sustainable brand then I couldn’t suggest Peregrine any more ! Their products are absolutely stunning and I can’t get over the quality and HOW SOFT the wool is ! To share my love for Peregrine, I’m offering all my lovely followers 35% off EVERYTHING on their website if you use the code “IZZYM35,” so be sure to head over to their website to treat yourself ! Also , Christmas is coming up so what better way to treat someone you love than to buy them something that will last forever ?!

I hope you like this outfit and can see why I love Peregrine so much !!! Please click here to head over to their website and have a cheeky look 😉 … Ps they do ship worldwide ! <3

See you in my next one ! Izzy xxx

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