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Hello there!

  I’m Izzy, a student currently at the University of Bath studying Chemistry. Yes, I know, a bit of a crazy choice, but I love it ! 😉 I created this blog to express my love for quirky fashion, my desire to travel and a place where I can share my life experiences. But it soon became a place where I  started share all my tips on living the best student life possible! This could be from dressing well on a student budget, to the best way to be geared up for exams. So if you’re a student like me and want to find out how to live the best student life you can, then welcome to the fam 😉 !

I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Love, Izzy x

Business Enquiries: izzy_manuel@outlook.com

General Enquiries: iszy05@gmail.com

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