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Autumn-Winter Transition Wardrobe

First of all, I would like to say how sorry I am for not posting in SUCH a long time, going to uni has taken me by storm and I literally haven’t had any free time until now! I was definitely never planned to have break from the blogging scene, but I hope to get back into it now that I’ve settled down a little more! 😉 I hope you enjoy this post! It’s a short one but hopefully will still give you some winter wardrobe inspiration ! 😀

Summer has officially waved us goodbye and we are well and truly into the Autumn months now. It seems to be a running trend that most fashion bloggers LOVE autumn/winter fashion. Why? Well, it means that we get to wear lots of fluffy jumpers, cute boots and layer up for the cold. Layering is such a great way to express your style; you can wear all your favourite pieces with endless colour and texture, which is literally the dream! 😉 The outfit that I’m sharing in this post is one of the ways that you can still have some summery vibes in your autumn/winter look while still prepping perfectly for the cooler months.

These photos were taken by the ever so talented @_wildshots  aka Rose Wild. This was such a fun collaboration and I can’t wait to work with her in the future again! Definitely give her work a cheeky look because she is so good at what she does!

I love winter fashion ! Who doesn’t ?! As is said earlier it’s the best time to layer up and wear all all your favourite clothes at once ! 😉   This outfit is once of those throw on winter days looks but is still pretty effortless and chic 😉 . I’m wearing one of my all time favourite charity shop buys which is this gorgeous oversized satin shirt. I guess generally wearing slouchy oversized shirts is such a nice way to look stylish while still being comfortable; it has that whole effortless feel. 😉 Unlike the classic oversized boyfriend shirt, this is in an amazing royal blue sheer material which adds a little touch of classiness while the sheer aspect adds that bit of sass. 😉 I love how this shirt is almost iridescent in sunlight and has a sparkly shimmery look which makes it so special and different to your average everyday shirt! It is definitely one the best and most comfy charity shop buys that I have! It only costed £2.99! 😀

As a student I think charity shops are one of the best places to find amazing statement pieces for so little £££. Yessss, it does require a little persistence with trawling through heaps of clothing to find the golden piece of the day but it’s so worth it when you do! Some of my favourite wardrobe pieces are second hand! I can understand that for some people the idea of wearing second hand clothes can seem little weird but what’s the difference once you’ve washed it and it smells nice and clean? Hehe 😉 One of the best things you can buy in charity shops are definitely nice fluffy jumpers! No one can have too many snuggly jumpers ahaha 😉

Okay, so I must admit, this outfit was photographed a while back but I still think that it’s so relevant to the autumn/ winter months! As with any outfit post that goes up on the blog, I have to throw in some colour , preferably anything that clashes. 😀 In this look I’ve paired my relaxed fit dungarees with a gorgeous emerald green bag that I picked up from a vintage store in Paris a little while back. I love the suede texture that it has, so smooth yet has that rugged vintage look which dresses it down a bit. Got to have a little bit of shabby chic look for autumn! 😉 Keeping with the suede trend I’m wearing these stunning mustard coloured block heels from Zara, they’re just everything that any girl could dream of! Cut in the shape of the classic Chelsea boot, they just jazz up you’re everyday shoe to something so much more eye-catching yet still are so timeless. Even though the majority of this outfit is definitely casual and simple, it’s the small things and accessoriesthat make it conspicuous and in a way memorable.

Even though summer is long gone, I doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing colour! You can still be as crazy and vibrant as you want! In fact, I always think that wearing colour in winter is a nice way to brighten up gloomy days and to make the people around you feel more lively. 😀





This is the first blog post I’ve done in a long time so please forgive me for being a little rusty with my writing style! Although I haven’t been writing for a while, it feels so nice to come back to the world of blogging and to enjoy that little bit of creativity ( well it’s creative for me as someone who is reading Chemistry at University haha 😉 ). I hope you enjoyed reading this little number on Autumn fashion , it feels so nice to be writing about my favourite fashion time of year! 😀

Hopefully this outfit post will give you a little insight into how to jazz up your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe!

I hope you all have a lovely week! <3

I’ll see you all in my next blog post 🙂

Lots of love, Izzy xxx


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