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Back to the 60’s

IMG_3536IMG_3683 IMG_3515IMG_3696 IMG_3493It’s that time of the year where you look into your wardrobe and have no idea what to wear. Is it hot? Or is it cold? Should you wear your fluffy winter jumper or stick to your breezy summer cardi? It’s a pretty hard decision to make for us Britons and it usually requires looking at the weather report (pretty sad I know 😛 .) Nonetheless, I was determined to make the summer last as long as possible. I recently ventured into looking at the Asos Sale, no harm in a little sale shopping is there? In the mist of it all, I picked up this 60’s floral playsuit. Crazy enough I wasn’t so sure about it on the Asos website, but when it arrived I was in love! Everything about it, from its floral pattern to its 60’s cut shouts “wear me!” It’s perfect for the fast approaching autumnal weather with its pink and red hues, plus it can be easily worn with tights. 🙂

Stumbling across new brands always seems like a blessing. I recently came across the Belgium Jewellery company called TellMee and it honestly blew my breath away. Abstract with Sharp edges and angles made with modern materials make TellMee a quirky contemporary jewellery brand. They’re edgy, bright and totally eccentric in the best possible way. No words can describe my love for their designers, but I know this one is a definite keeper 😉

Izzy x

Playsuit: Asos || Earrings: Tellmee || Shoes: Dr Martens || Bag: Whistles || Necklace: Accessorize

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