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Being a Chemistry Student and a Blogger

I know that on instagram I give insights into my life of a being chemistry student and what it’s like to be studying and blogging. There are so many talented stunning bloggers out there who are fashion designers, digital markers and PR, graphic designers etc. But there really aren’t that many fashion bloggers who are scientists or who are studying science. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to have a change of scene and to share an insight into what it’s like being a chemistry student as well as a fashion blogger.  We need the creatives, their the ones who design all the beautiful new clothes that we wear, the houses we live in, the products we use… But then what about the scientists? The people who designing the more sustainable car, the greener fuels, that Dyson hover that your mum has? It’s funny because in a sense , there is some creativity within science.

Why did I even choose to study science ?! Well, obviously because I love it. Believe it or not, I’m an analytical thinker, everything I do is calculated, I plan and I go about problems with the sort of mind set the that a mathematician would. Which means that naturally, I’m suited to that kind of scientific thinking. Weirdly enough, I also love maths, I mean, I’m not amazing at it, but I do enjoy problem solving and I’m not going to lie, I actually loved algebra at A Level.. (lol what has my life come to.. maybe algebra is my guilty pleasure hahah 😉 .) So yes, I’m that weird kid that likes maths. But I also love just knowing how the things around me are made (omg so cheesy, sounds like my personal statement again … hahahah 😉 ) I feel like I’m a curious person, I love understanding how things work to the smallest of details, such as how plastic bottles are made and why some are hard and reusable and why some are flimsy and are “one offs.” (Which I do not approve of… we all know I’m about that sustainable green life (including slow fashion!)) But yes, I’m so interesting the the smaller details which is why I find chemistry so interesting. The idea that the designs our generation are coming up with can “save” the planet, creating more sustainable products or biodegradable materials that will prevent the overuse of raw materials is something that I’m a huge advocate for. It’s very interesting though, because despite being analytical and absolutely loving science (I’ve loved it my whole life) there’s always been a creative streak within me that I haven’t been able to contain.

Why blogging? As well as loving science, I use to remember dressing up in my mum clothes and asking for her fashion advice as a child and a teenager… I’ve definitely always been different to my class mates and to the people I went to school with, which did cause problems but of course, no one can be the same right?! I guess being different ended up with me going a bit crazy with my fashion hahah. I had to find a creative outlet where I could just be my crazy self. In short, fashion was the place that I felt I could be myself and share my crazy, unique, bubble personality without words. I found that fashion was the place that I could be creative and be exactly who I wanted to be without worrying about what people think about me and just to be me… There was a time in my life where I worried about what people thought of me, or what people would say about me just because I was different. It’s so weird because starting a blog and just show casing what I wear, my unique style and what my life is like as a  chemistry student gave me a boost of confidence about just being really comfortable with who I am. I’ve always been pretty confident, but knowing that people don’t think I’m too crazy made me realise that the people who didn’t like because of who I was have no right to be in my life… (Oh wow, that went on a bit of a tangent didn’t it hahaha 😉

You’re probably thinking, well, I get she loves blogging and it makes her happy, but how the hell does she manage to do a chemistry degree as well as blogging ?! In short, ORGANISATION AND TIME KEEPING. If anything, blogging has taught me the art of being organised and keeping on top of work. Non of that last minute essay business… You just can’t afford to loose that kind of time. With 30 contact hours a week and post lab reports, problem sheets, tutorials…. (the list is endless) You have to learn to manage your time. Something about uni is that I found that you have to do something separate from it all, otherwise you end up going insane ! You have to be able to take a step back from all the work and do something completely different, just to re-fresh your brain and allow your self to re-charge! For me, that’s exactly what blogging does. It’s something totally different and something that I really enjoy which allows me to get my creative cap on and just to take a step back. As well as blogging, I also play hockey because I found that sport is such a big player in keeping my mental health on track. I mean, sport has always been a known to produce endorphins which help keep you happy ! Plus I’ve done competitive sport all my life so for me I would just feel weird not doing it !

With that in mind, I’m constantly busy, my weekends are usually filled with blogging bits and bobs whether that be shooting for my own blog or shooting other bloggers. This kinda means that I have to do all my uni work during the week, so I usually end up spending 10-12 hours a day at uni going over lectures, doing tutorial sheets, problem sheets, applying for placements (I’m currently in the process of applying for a 12 month industrial placement which I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT!!) So yahhhh, I’m one busy bee but I couldn’t imagine my life not being busy?! I couldn’t imagine not doing a chemistry degree, because life would be so boring… and I couldn’t imagine not blogging because it’s such a creative outlet and gives me the opportunity to meet other creatives! So in reality, it all ties in nicely with one another!

So I guess thats the life of a student studying chemistry who also happens to be a fashion blogger! What are your thoughts on it? Are any of you scientists who are thinking of starting a blog? I hope you liked this one and I’ll see you in my next post!

Izzy xxx

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