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Chains and Pom Poms



This blog post was definitely fun to shoot, my German friend and I just had a lovely lunch at Lilly’s in Wickham (there is a blog post about Lilly’s in the food section of my blog 😉 ). We thought why not go and take some photos together and shoot an outfit post at the same time 🙂 . My favourite thing from this look is my new reworked kilt from Zara. My initial plan was to buy it on Black Friday but of course they didn’t have my size online and it wasn’t even part of the sale ! :O Turns out that it’s not even a skirt but rather a skort! So it’s perfect for all times of year because you can just wear it with tights, (like I am doing here!.) The frayed edges and studded faux leather is so unique and extraordinary and crazy! I guess that’s why I love it so much. Initially it may seem difficult to style because it’s so busy, however due to the monotone colours it’s actually pretty simple to work with.

img_0318img_0375 img_0277

With the skirt I decided to wear it with a super simple cotton shirt, it’s a huge contrast to the busyness of the skirt and is contradictory to the grunge feel from the leather and studs. Over my shirt I’m wearing this stunning emerald green short sleeved jumper; I decided to go for short sleeves because then the sleeves of the shirt show and it just adds something a little different to the whole look. The jumper is also ribbed which fits into the simple straight lines found checkered pattern on the skirt. (It’s all about the coordination 😉 ).


For the final touches I’m wearing my red Zara pom pom bag, aha I guess you could say that I’ve already started to wear Christmas colours with the green and red… But I promise, it wasn’t planned at all ! The pom pom bag is just perfect for this outfit because of the texture contrast with the skirt. Not only that but it’s a totally different style to the skirt, the bag is “cute” while the skirt is pretty grunge; I guess it works well together 😀 . Finally I’m wearing my black fur jacket for warmth and simplicity, plus my £7 H&M heels. (What a bargain ! 😉 ) Heels are always a good option for us short people ! heheh :P.

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, as I always say, I’m sure you all deserved a weekend break!

I shall see you all in my next blog post 😀

Ciao for now, Izzy xxx

Skirt|| Zara


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