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So as you all know if you follow me on instagram, I’ve been in Tintagel in Cornwall for the last couple of days. I just thought it would be nice to do a little post about what I got up to ! It was such a lovely short little get-away. Surprisingly, I didn’t have my camera on me most of the time so the photos in this post are mainly just some cheeky holidays snaps taken on my phone which I took along the way.

Day 1

So I’m not actually going to count day 1 as day 1 because the first day was just travelling and who wants to know about that? Hahahaha 😉 So on our “first” day, we decided to go for a nice walk along the coastal path heading south. Our main goal was to walk from Tintagel and Trebawith Strand which was just over 2 miles… I mean who doesn’t want to visit a Cornish beach ?! The walk was absolutely stunning, the ocean breeze was so fresh, and of course… The view was absolutely amazing ! I’m obsessed with beautiful views, I mean isn’t everyone though ?! Hahaha 😉 The Cornish coastline is famous for its beautiful white cliffs and the sandy beaches … and I tell you it honestly is just as beautiful as they all say ! After around 2 miles of walking, which is wayyyy more tiring that you think because of all the hills 😉 , we made it to our destination- Trebawith Strand. It is a classic Cornish beach with fine powdery sand, rough waves and a beautiful cliff backdrop. We weren’t planning on going swimming but it was just nice to have a lovely stroll down the beach. Okay, I say lovely but we did nearly get swept off our feet from the wind ! Hahahaha 😉

(Just so ya know, I’m covering my other half’s face because he doesn’t like social media etc…)

We always have loved mussels, so one of the things we HAD to do while in Cornwall was pick our own mussels and of course cook up a feast ! You can’t go to Cornwall and not try the fresh seafood, otherwise you must be mad 😉 ( Unless you don’t lime seafood of course lol.) Honestly, the beach was PACKED with mussels, on every rock and every cliff face there were mussels growing! So you really didn’t have to go far to find some big juicy ones.. Although they always say that the smaller ones are sweeter? I don’t know, they all taste the same to me ! So yes, we got to work and started picking as many mussels we could possibly carry home ! You have to take into account that apparently 50% of the mussels die before they make it to your plate… so always pick double of what you want to eat 😉 Soon after we got way too many mussels, we trekked back up the cliffs and back “home” to our little apartment in Tintagel. Which by the way was absolutely gorgeous ! We were so knackered from the hike home , so we ended up just crashing and having a very nice chilled evening in. Who doesn’t like a cosy night in?

Day 2

This day was probably one of the funniest days I’ve ever had! I LEARNT TO SURF! We’ve always wanted to surf so it was so lovely to actually have the opportunity ! Before we hit the waves, we had an amazing brunch at cute little cafe called Charlie’s, we decided to go for full English breakfast and some American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. (Which I didn’t take a picture of until it was too late hahah.) Honestly… these pancakes are a god send … They’re the tastiest pancakes I’ve ever had (okay maybe Josies in Winchester is a little better…)  but still… it was the best thing to get us all energies up for surfing !

Soon after, we headed back down to Trebarwith Strand for our surfing lesson. It was a pretty windy day, so the waves were HUGE, which made me pretty nervous. I’ve watched too many surfing videos seeing people being dragged down by the waves and I must admit…  I didn’t wanted that to happen to me 😉 hahahahah. So, first we got taught all the techniques, the methods on how to get up on the board and the stance to stay on. There wasn’t much more to do but to just to get out on the waves and give it our best shot ! After LOADS of tries and watching ourselves and everyone else struggle to stand up and actually surf… we managed to finish the lesson having surfed a load of waves ! We were absolutely over the moon and high on adrenaline ! It’s such an amazing feeling surfing the waves and feeling so free! (Sounds so cheesy but honestly it’s so so true!) I honestly think, after this surfing experience I would go on a full on surf holiday and just surf my way through a week! I must admit though, it is SO physically tiring ! I’m still aching from all the paddling and squatting I had to do … maybe I’m just not very fit hahahah 😉

(Please excuse the rubbish iPhone quality photos hahaha 😉 ) 

WE were absolutely knackered afterwards… and FREEZING ! So we wanted to have a really nice warming dinner. So it was time to cook up those lovely mussels we picked the day before. ( You have to leave mussels overnight with a little bit of oats and water so that they “chuck out” any gross stuff that maybe inside them!) Of course we had to cook it the classic French way with a white white cream sauce, a baguette and chunky chips ! It was an amazing last night meal and we couldn’t believe how good the mussels tasted !

Sadly, that was the end of our little getaway to Cornwall, but it was such a memorial trip filled with fun activities, beautiful walks and stunning Cornish sunsets. I’m definitely going back there ! Maybe for a surf holiday ? 😉 Who knows ! But sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the hustle and busy and just do a little exploring in your own country !

I hope you enjoyed this blog post ! Hopefully it has convinced you that Cornwall is definitely a place that needs visiting and some of the things you can get up to if you go there ! I’ve got so many blog posts lined up and I can’t wait to share them all with you !

See you in my next one, Izzy xxx

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    Alexis Lawrence
    September 1, 2018 at 8:03 pm

    I tried surfing for the first time this summer too and had such a blast! Really want to give it a go in Cornwall now.


    • Reply
      September 4, 2018 at 2:48 pm

      Omg yesss girl !! It’s so much fun isn’t it?! Yes! You have to go to Cornwall, it’s honestly so beautiful and you can do so much there !

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