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Depression Made My Style More Unique

So I thought it it was about time that I did a fashion blog post ! It’s been so long since I’ve written about fashion/style and I thought it the right time since I feel like my style has evolved pretty “drastically” over the last couple of months and I kinda wanted to explain why! It’s definitely true to say that style changes purely because our personality changes. I can say one thing for sure and that is my personality has 100% changed over the last couple of months ! And so, naturally my style has become even more refined and more unique along the way !

Hardship Refined My Look

So first and foremost, if you read my blog post about my depression story then you’ll know the difficulties I’ve been through over the last year or so. The things I went through weren’t nice but did help me develop as a person. It helped me understand my mind and my body better and help tailor my personality. Learning the “inner workings”of my mind and really understanding what I liked, the person I wanted to become and essentially who I really am just helped me refine my personality.  I’m no longer searching for what I really like and fearing that people will think I am weird or look weird. I’m much happier with in my own skin and the bold “fashion” choices I make. I realised that I’m much more experimental and fearless than I previously thought. If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll know that I’ve always been into bright colours and very “classic cut” blouses and shirts; you’d never see me wearing polka dot jeans that’s for sure 😉 . But now, yes I still love my classic blouses but you hardly see me wearing them ! My style now has become much more original and much more unique (at least I think so ?!) I remember I use to sway back and forth from simple “cute” looks and more “higher fashion” and unique outfits. Now, I know what I like, I know the styles that suit me, the colours that look good, and how much I can experiment before it just looks silly. I just feel comfortable now ! I just know myself a lot more and what is definitely “my style,” I hardly look at other bloggers for inspiration (except for individual items) because I just know what is “me” !


I think it’s important that we look after ourselves mentally and physically. Learning about ourselves is one of the most important life skills that we should ever require. How should we improve as a person if we don’t know what to improve on ? If we don’t look after our bodies how are we meant to do all the things we want to do in life ?! We need to keep ourselves fit and mentally “on it”! So look after yourself ! <3

Has My Style Actually Changed?

So the title states that my style has been refined, but has it also changed? As I said earlier, I’ve been much more happier and more comfortable with my in skin and have just learnt about myself a bit more ! I use to look at other bloggers and influencers for inspiration , but now I only look at bloggers and “fall in love`’ with individual items they wear rather than how they wear it. In that sense, I’ve been become much more independent and more individual with my style. It true to say, that in some sense, those with an individual style are much more comfortable with who they are because they don’t worry about what others think , so therefore don’t worry about what others think. It’s true to say that I feel less worried about “how weird” I look in public and just wear what I want to wear! Who cares what other people think?! Just wear nd do what you want to do!

I’ve become much more attracted to bold prints, that’s for sure. Polka dots, abstract patterns , animal prints are all so DREAMY! I love finding pieces that are just a little bit out there ! With bold colours and prints, I just feel like it represents my style and personality so much better. You would have never seen me with a rainbow bag a couple of months ago ! I just wouldn’t think that I suit it… now you can’t get me away from it ! OBSESSED…. Instead of just buying and picking up pieces that “are cute” or I just think look nice. I think more carefully about how “out there” the item is and how much it represents me. The more it represents my quirky personality the more likely I’m going to buy it 😉 So I guess, yes my style has changed , but it’s just become more “me.”

The Outfit

Firstly, where the hell has summer gone?! I had no idea that I’d be wearing a jumper in the middle of August… oh well 😉

I recently bought these polka dot jeans after I spotted @daniellejuliesp with them on… I just thought they were so much fun and unique. I just had to get my hands on a pair ! I got them in the ASOS sale for such a bargain and they fitted like a dream ! Of course, they’re pretty out there so I decided to go light on the top and wear something a little more simple. I opted for this vintage baby blue jumper as I thought it blended in nicely with the jeans and was perfect for the seriously weird weather ! Naturally, as I always say, I have to add a bit of colour and I just had to bring out my new baby for a spin ! Honestly, this rainbow bag is the COOLEST thing that is in my wardrobe at the moment and I’m honestly obsessed ! HOW FUNKY is it ?! Yes, a little on the pricey side but it was a little treat from me to me ( 😉 after recently having to do an exam) , I just thought it was me as bag ! ( My spirit animal hahahahaha 😉 ) Since I had the bold jeans and the funky bag, just thought I’d wear some simple white platform trainers which I picked up from a charity shop ( a solid £3 bargain 🙂 .)  They’re perfect for everyday and adding a little “edginess” to any look !

I hope you liked this blog post ! A little different, but somehow all makes sense ! ( At least in my head. 😉 ) I’m so excited to be getting back into my outfit posts (don’t worry I’m not getting rid of the deep stuff ! 😉 ) It’s nice to be all a little creative here and there 😉 . Thank you to the amazing Shweta from @shwetafilms for taking these stunning snaps ! So in love with her photography !

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    August 21, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Lovely post, Izzy. I totally get the correlation between getting your mindset in a better place to being more in tune with what you like and don’t like and being more confident to pull that stuff off. You look awesome in this outfit and I think pairing these jeans with this bag is so awesome and unexpected.


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      August 22, 2018 at 10:41 am

      Sharan , oh you’re so so kind ! Definitely ! I feel like knowing who you are better makes you braver ! You know the things you want and like to you aim for them ! Aww thank you !!! Hahaha the bag is deffo one of my new favs ! ❤️ Izzy xx

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