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Embroidery and Monsters

Who says you can’t go to the beach in December? It turns out, England happens to be pretty nice and warm (well at least the day we shot this blog post! 😉 .) Since Christmas is coming up super soon, I wanted to feature all the things I’ve recently brought for the Christmas party season. The two main features for this outfit are definitely my shoes and my furry monster bag!

Embroidery has come this season like a storm, of course embroidered clothing is popular among bloggers but I was always looking for that one piece that was slightly different. Ahhh, yes that’s where my crazy boots come in. My friend Katie (who was featured on my London blog post) found these for me and basically ordered me to buy them. I guess they’re a little different because they feature a beautiful asian inspired pattern and bursting in an array of colours. To top things off, it was definitely time to feature my Fendi Monster; surprisingly, it goes very well with my shoes because they have the same warm hues. Experimenting with colour schemes and hues is a great way to branch out and be a little different with an outfit.

All the items from my outfit are linked at the end <3

For my actual clothing, I decided to wear simple monochrome colours to contradict the brightness of my accessories and coat. I’m wearing a super warm but simple grey v-neck jumper and layered a low back summer dress on top. Although a summer dress doesn’t seem ideal in this weather, a great way to make it work for winter is to wear a skater skirt underneath. This for a start stops it being see through and also adds a bit of dimension to the otherwise “drapey” dress.  If you have a summer dress that isn’t see through you couldn’t definitely pull it off because draped dresses are really in at the moment ! 😀 The low back adds a bit of sexiness without actually showing any skin, so perfect in winter if you want to look cute without freezing your butt off ! 😉 . I decided to wear black tights because they’re simple and monochrome, this look would also look so cute with skin coloured tights 🙂 . For a last dash of colour I chose my bright yellow fur jacket to keep me warm! Not only is it super toasty but it also goes with my accessories. The yellow accents in my shoes and in my “monster” work so well with the jacket, don’t be afraid to be a little bold! What would you lose? Plus, in these wintery months you want to keep everything bright and cheerful, so wearing a bright coloured coat or jacket is a definite must have! If you’re struggling to find a cool coat for the winter, comment down below and I can create a “winter coats” wish list for you ! <3

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, the outfit is certainly a little different but I hope it has inspired you to try something a little different when you next look into your wardrobe 😉 <3 . I hope you all have a wonderful week, it’s nearly the Christmas holidays so hang in there my dears!

I shall see you all in my next blog post!

Lots of Love,

Izzy xxx

Boots: Ego Shoes || Bag Charm: Fendi || Fur Coat: Asos (similar)|| Dress: Topshop (similar)

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