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Farm Girl

If you’re looking for some food inspiration for 2017, well then I think I have the perfect place for you. I’ve recently been looking into finding more restaurants that serve other healthy and delicious food (rather than just delicious food 😉 .) Farm Girl has been on the “blogging map” for quite some time now so I thought it would only be fitting give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. If you haven’t heard of Farm Girl before, it’s a small Australian inspired café that serves vegan, vegetarian and omnivore food options. It is located in the heart on Nottinghill on Portabello road so it’s also a great place to go for a nice day out in London.

As for the food, we both went for something that the person sitting next to us had because it looked so good! Sabrina went for buckwheat pancakes with a berry compote, coconut yoghurt and topped with pistachios and maple syrup. It both looked and tasted divine, apparently it was one of the best pancakes she’s ever eaten! They were also a generous size so you definitely wouldn’t go hungry for a little while 😉

I decided to go for something savoury, so I went for the Mediterranean inspired oven baked eggs with sourdough toast and a side of grilled steak. The baked eggs were absolutely yummy, full of lovely flavours and perfect with the sourdough toast. However, the steak was definitely a bit disappointing, it was over cooked, stringy and bad quality 🙁 . If I ever go there again I would much rather have chicken because that’s more of a safe option. No worries though, I will definitely be going again some time 😀 .

So, what is my final word for this café… Well, the food was indeed lovely and well cooked, however meat is not their forte so keep that in mind if you are to go there ever! Despite my little complaints, I would definitely be going there again in the future! The food is absolutely delicious, expensive but so yummy, so I would say definitely go there if you ever have the chance :D.

I hope you enjoyed this review; If you like me doing reviews like these then comment down below so I can create more! Have a lovely weekend my dears and I shall see you all in my next blog post.

Lots of Love, Izzy xxx

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