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As I’m writing this, I happen to be sweltering on my bed in the British heat wave and wanting to go back to Fiji and the warm summer breeze. I just still can’t get over how it’s warmer here than it is in the tropics ! Madness right?!

This year was probably one of my more memorable (in a good way hahah) Β trips to Fiji because I bought someone very special to me out there too! It’s always so nice to show someone who’s never been there before around and just to show them the place where I basically grew up (kinda grew up lol πŸ˜‰ .) There’s always so much to do and to see so I thought why not just show you what I did and explain a little bit about the place and why it means so much to me πŸ˜€ .

So first of all, I’ve been going out there every summer for the last 15 years… so well over half of my life ! One of the reasons we go back so much is because, well as a family we just love it there! It’s so special to find a country as raw and undeveloped yet welcoming like Fiji, everyone is so lovely and the place is just beautiful ! The other reason is because we’ve become really close friends with a local family, which means that I’ve kinda got a family out there and siblings which I wouldn’t have back here. I guess the final thing is that since we have a house out there we can stay or a long time and invite other friends and family out there too ! ( Which I loveeeee !!! πŸ˜€ )

My family aren’t the kind of people that like to sit on a beach and just read for a holiday, we’ve always loved packing our days with fun activities just as scuba diving, sailing, wind surfing and just exploring too! I know that a lot of people would love to do these things and I understand that I’m so so lucky to have the opportunity to, but if you ever get the chance to do these things then dooo ! Its so amazing to e in touch with the outdoors!

I think my favourite thing to do is definitely to go diving, I’m a bit of a weirdo in the sense that I hate the idea of diving ( I really don’t know why haha ) but once I get into it… I just love it sooo much ! The world underwater is just so different and it’s so amazing to see all the beautiful coloured corals and a number of different fishes…. There are just so may tropical fish around in all sorts of colours and shapes… it really does blow your breath away a little ! We were super lucky this time because we somehow managed to see four reef sharks ! I know that sharks can sound scary … but in the tropics the sharks are much smaller and have no interest in humans what so ever ! They’re also super rare to find so it was so amazing to see so many in one dive !


A thing that my parents love doing is to go sailing ! We often go for a week or so when we’re out there, just to venture to different islands and to have a change of scenery ! It’s so crazy because sailing is one of those things that’s a bit like marmite, I think people either love it or hate it! I must admit … I am in the middle, I love venturing out and seeing new places… but I just don’t like being cooped up in a boat for too long. It makes me start to feel a bit like a crazy chicken in a chicken coop hahahah πŸ˜‰ One thing with sailing that you can’t do any other way is finding new uninhabited places… It’s so crazy to think that there are still places in the world where no one lives and haven’t even been touched by man kind ! Isn’t that just an exciting thought ?!

One of the most important things to me out there is my extended “family.” As I said earlier, I’ve known them for 15 years so they’re basically family to me. It’s so nice to be exposed to a different culture and to actually experience how people really live there ! Because I’m so close with my local Fijian (but they’re actually Tuvaluan) family, I’ve started to pick up the language and learn their ways, which I think is pretty amazing ! I always believed that learning about new cultures was the best way to become just that little bit wiser.


Is there anywhere in the world with a sunset as beautiful as this?! 100% unedited and it’s still SO PRETTY ! I can’t get over how beautify the landscape and scenery is out there ! It’s so different yet even more beautiful than home… who knows… maybe one day I’ll move out there hahaha πŸ˜‰ .

I hope you liked this little blog post on what I got up to out in Fiji ! Have you gone on or got any holidays planned for this summer? If you do I would loveee to hear about them !

I’ll see you in my next one, Izzy xxx

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