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Getting into the Christmas Spirit with “Thats Just Emily”

Christmas is all about catching up with old chums and exploring cute little Christmas markets. Thats exactly what Emily and I did when we caught up earlier this week, we hadn’t seen each other for over six months so we wanted to celebrate by going out for a lovely meal and bumble around Winchester market. We chose to go to my regular cafe Josies because I wanted to share my love for their enormous portions of super yummy food with her. She decided for the classic berry compote pancakes with whipped vanilla cream and maple syrup, it honestly tastes like heaven !! 😉  I’m pretty sure that I’ve got her addicted to Josies now ! After having a very naughty week(yes, I went to Josies three times this weeks!) with food I decided to go for their superfood salad with a pomegranate dressing, sourdough toast and sweet potato chips. I honestly think that I will soon turn into a sweet potato with the amount I eat! 😛

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After going for lunch/brunch we just had to go to Winchester winter market because we were just dying to get into the Christmas mood. I must admit that I’m usually not the biggest fan of Christmas markets just because some of them are so tacky! However, Winchester Christmas market was just so beautiful, with cute little stalls selling mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, I mean what else would you want from a market? There were also stalls selling local handy crafts, such as super cute knitwear and candles. It was definitely the perfect place to buy unique presents for family and friends. Not only were there mini stalls, theres also an ice rink to really get you into the Christmas mood if you live in the area you should absolutely go and visit, or even if you don’t live near you should go down to Winchester for a day trip because its just a lovely place !!! 😀

Naturally, Emily and I just had to take some lovely photos for her blog! So, she was wearing a beautiful camel waterfall coat which just looked so cosy and warm! She was wearing a lovely and simple white ribbed top with a a simple pair of blue high waisted jeans. To finish things off she decided to wear a lovely checked scarf and a leather bucket bag. The red scarf just topped things off and added a little colour, plus its sooo lovely and Christmasy !! If you want more details about what Ems wore pleaseeee visits her blog at www.thatsjustemily.blogpost.co.uk , she has two blog posts dedicated to our lovely catchup ! <3

For me, I decided to wear something a little more simple, mainly because I was in college that day so I couldn’t be too overdressed 😉 I’m wearing one of my favourites, my one shouldered ruffle shirt from Zara, I’m also wearing a simple pair of black ripped jeans and my office brogues! Since I’m not wearing too much colour I’m wearing my warm and fluffy and baby pink coat and my bright red scarf, I just had to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful week and are getting into the Christmas spirit ! It’s only just over a week left to go until the big day! If you do have time, definitely do go down to Winchester and have a quick peak of the market, it’s absolutely beautiful !

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Lots of love, Izzy xx

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