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How To Deal with Stress

First and foremost, STAY POSITIVE! You can do this! Don’t let yourself feel low! <3 Exam’s are stressful , but don’t let them get you down! I guess I wanted to write a post about how to deal with stress, I’m not saying that I’m a pro with how to deal with it, no no no definitely not.  I’m still learning my ways, but I wanted to share what I’ve learnt on my journey.

(Even if you aren’t doing exams I hope that this post can help you deal with any sort of stress that you might come across.)

Take a Break

It’s so easy to keep revising until you drop, I would be a hypocrite if I said that I don’t do that! Of course I do, but I’m finally starting to learn that it’s much better to work fewer hours that are more productive, compared to working for 6 hours straight and feeling a bit like a zombie by the end of it. When people say, you should be doing, “x” amount of hours of revision, it’s a rough guide line; everyone is wired differently. The amount of revision you should be doing is going to be different to the amount of revision that your friends are going to be doing. So don’t worry what your friends are doing, just worry about yourself 😉 .The most important thing above all is to take breaks. You’re brain needs to have time to re-charge so that it’s fresh and ready to take in more information. There is no point of doing lots and lots of revision if half of the material you’re reading or writing isn’t sticking in your brain! The kind of breaks you take also have to vary, lets say every hour or two worths of work, take a 15 minute break to allow your brain to settle down. Then, let’s say you’ve done a couple days of revision, then take half the day off and do something you really enjoy. We still need to enjoy ourselves, so don’t feel guilty for taking the day off! It’s your duty to keep your mental health prime ! 😀

Don’t Let Work Bog you Down

Working constantly can make you feel bogged down both mentally and physically. Something I like doing if I’m felling a little down is to go for a long run or go to the gym. Doing exercise has been proven to boost endorphin levels in your body which make you feel more energised, happier and more positive ! It’s exactly the kind of “pick me up” you need when you’re going through a hefty exam period or just if you’re super stressed. If you aren’t an exercise kind of person, then maybe try something else that might make you feel better, like a pamper session (which I’m doing right now as I write this post 😉 ,) or if that isn’t for you, maybe try going for a walk. Just do something that gets you out of the house and perks you up a little, keep you’re mind fresh! 😀

Everyone is Different

I don’t know whether it’s just me or what, but everyone always seems to be comparing how much work/revision they’ve done… all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a little competition, it keeps us pushing to achieve bigger and better things. However, it’s so easy to take healthy competition to something that just brings you down and makes you feel low. If this is you then don’t let competition bring you down! :* A trick that I’ve come up with is not to talk about revision/ work or exams with anyone. If you don’t discuss it, then you won’t worry about what other people are doing and you can just stick to your own routine. You’re work schedule is going to be different to everyone else’s so there is no point in comparing!

I know that this is a difficult time for you if you’re reading this, exams aren’t pretty; they aren’t meant to be. Even though it’s tough, you can get through this! It’s only a couple of weeks and then it will all be over, summer will be here and you can enjoy the holiday you all deserve! Stay strong, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Believe in yourself and you will achieve <3

Lots of love, Izzy xxx



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