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How to Make an Outfit Your Own

The whole point of a fashion blogger I guess is to inspire you, give you outfit inspo and provide you with new ways of styling your everyday clothes. Is it just me or everyone seems to be wearing everything the same way. The way people style things, despite being bold is also very ‘same old, same old.’ I use to tell myself that I didn’t follow trends and I wasn’t always checking out the latest looks etc… But the truth is, OF COURSE I’m going to be looking at all the new trends. For god sakes, I’m into fashion , that’s what we do! Despite that, is it true to say that you can easily loose yourself and follow trends exactly. I don’t want to be that person who looks at a Topshop billboard and copy what the models wearing. I’m sure you don’t either!! Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the creativity in copying someone else’s outfit? So, I wanted to explore the whole idea of making an outfit ‘your own.’ Putting a twist into the latest trends so that you make your mark. Anyway, who wants to look exactly the same as the girl next door? Life’s so much more fun with variation!

Using Trends as Inspo: I will admit it, I use trends as inspo, but I don’t want to be the same. Okay, let’s take the animal print midi skirt trend… Wow, cute but EVERYONE on Instagram is flaunting it… Not going to lie, it’s kinda boring now, I scroll through my feed and everyone seems to be wearing an animal print skirt with an oversized jumper. I have NOTHING against that, in fact hell yeeha it looks good! But what about being different?! I decided to take the trend and turn it on it’s head. Animal print is so fun, it’s bold, it’s eye catching and it’s different! Instead of looking for skirt, I decided to try and use the trend but in something else. Then, on my favourite site of all time (aka Ebay lol) I found these tiger print Dune boots for a tenner… Oh my am I going to flaunt them because they’re the coolest thing I’ve ever bought on Ebay… AND they’re comfy! So yes, I used a current trend as inspo and made it into my own kinda thing. Because, that’s me… So what’s stopping you from doing the same?!

Stop Wearing Clothes ‘Normally’: You’re probably thinking what the hell is she talking about?! In essence, why wear a pair of jeans just as a pair of jeans, why not layer a pair of jeans with a skirt ( and yes I’ve done that and the evidence is on my Instagram 😉 .) Why just wear a dress just as a dress? Why not wear a dress and layer it with something else like jeans? (Haven’t yet done that but it’s something that I have planned for outfits coming soon;) .) Why wear a shirt like a normal shirt? What’s wrong with wearing a shirt on one side and creating a cute knot top by yourself. Yes as you can see, that’s EXACTLY what I’ve done for this outfit! My point is, that the clothes we wear are SO much MORE versatile that we make them out to be. You can wear something in 100’s of ways. Not only does that give the item an element of ‘you,’ but it also allows you to squeeze so much more out of your clothes and essentially get more for less! You’re probably thinking, where the hell do I start?! Well, as I ‘always’ say, you have to experiment to know what you like and what works!

Now What?! You have all the tools to create the perfect outfit that takes your spin on things. Experiment, and take inspiration from trends but turn things upside down and then you’ll be on the road to creating ‘your’ outfit. I don’t think fashion is about what you wear, it’s more about HOW you wear it and what makes it YOU. It’s the perfect way to express who you are, I personally think that fashion has the ability to let people know who you are without even saying a word. If people can do that, then you’ve made the outfit yours! With that in mind, I would love to know who you think I am from just what I wear… Let’s see if what I say is actually true lol 😉 .

I hope you all had an AMAZING weekend and let’s bring on March!!! Time to get creative and make this month YOURS!

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