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How To Remain True to Yourself

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In a world of social media and endless information, you sometimes lose yourself and forget to sit back and just be you. Don’t get me wrong, I do it… all the time! It’s only recently that I have started to learn to remain true to myself and forget about what the world thinks of me and just be ME! I’m not saying this in an arrogant way so definitely please do not get the wrong idea, I just feel that people are starting to follow everyone else and lose their true identity and personality. Creating this blog post is a way (I hope 😛 ) to remind each other of people ourselves and how to actually do that. It’s definitely not my usual kind of post but it felt important to me to write this 😀 .

It’s okay to say No

This is something I find so very difficult to do, to say no to people. Whether it be saying no to alcohol, smoking or drugs … you get the gist, it’s always so hard to say no to things that you don’t want to do. Peer pressure is around us all but it is our duty to say no to things we really do not enjoy doing. From experience, I know that I use to fear what people thought about me when I declined certain things, but over time I came to realise that they can judge me if they want, who cares? It’s my life and I’m going to live it the way I would like to; whether I do as they wish or not, in the end it is my choice. Saying no will not make you infamous in your friendship group, if people judge you then they are the insecure ones-not you. You have the voice to say NO, and that is what counts. There is no point of doing something you don’t want to do because you will regret it later. Now, don’t take the wrong way 😛 I’m not trying to say that you have to be guarded in everything you do, because you have to be brave to find yourself and you have to be brave to develop as a person! But just remember that saying no is not a bad thing, it keeps you true to yourself! <3

Be the Best You

Sometimes it’s difficult to know who you really are… Basically a miniature identity crisis. You’re probably thinking am I clever, funny, sporty?! What am I?! Well you are THE BEST YOU that will ever exist, so remember that! It doesn’t matter whether you are academic, funny or sporty you are the person you are and you can’t change it and you shouldn’t change it. Yes if you work hard you will excel in life, but it doesn’t mean that you will be perfect in everything. I myself struggle with perfection on a daily basis, I want to be the best at everything but I’m slowly realising that I can’t be… It’s not humanly possible to be the best at everything so I am starting to concentrate on what I am good at. A good tip that I learnt from a very wise person (my dad 😛 ) is that write down everything you think you are good at and compare it to what you’re friends think you’re good at. You’d be surprised to know that your friends will think that you are better at a lot more things than you think. Knowing that you know that you’re good at these things will help you be the best person you can be; try hard in everything but don’t be scared to fail in some things because failing is the best way to learn. Just remember that you are brilliant and you are the best you that will ever exist and knowing that will help you be true to yourself… always.



Be Brave

Being yourself and finding yourself are two very similar things. The only way to truly understand yourself is to be brave and take the plunge. Being brave can come in different forms, whether it be trying a new food, travelling to a new country or even the small things like trying to wear more colour. What ever it is, the best way to find who you really are is to do a little experimenting. So don’t be afraid to push yourself to the edge (okay not in literal terms and not in terms of drugs and alcohol,) but in general everyday terms 😛 . It’s only after experimenting you will be able to understand your personality better and remain true to yourself.

This blog post is very different to what I usually post but I felt the need to express my feelings on this topic because I love helping you guys. If you like this blog post and want me to give you more tips in the future then pleaseee let me know so that I can write more like this! 😀

I hope you all have a wonderful week! See you in my next blog post <3

Izzy xxx

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