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Instagram vs Reality

All you see are pretty pictures all over Instagram, am I right?! Let’s face it though, not every photo is going to look great. In fact I would say that 99% of the photos that I see of myself or that are taken in a blog shoot are actual pure crap. So why do we only post the cute photos of ourselves despite it being so far from reality? For me, I remember when I first started out blogging, I would get inspiration from all sorts of amazing bloggers, such as Song of Style and Samantha Maria who both of which had stunning photos ( and they’re still my fav bloggers out there!) As someone starting out, I always felt that I had to copy what others were doing because maybe that’s what readers really want to see; pretty pictures which will draw them to read your blog. But in reality, it’s not real! It took 100 snaps to get that nice photo for Insta, so why do we pretend that it’s real? Simply because society tells us that that is what people are looking for and that’s what is going to make you popular. Pretty photos to get to fame. Okay so you’re probably thinking that I’m a huge hypocrite because I post that 1/100 photos that were taken because the others were all bad. You’re so right, I am most definitely a hypocrite so why do I do it?


As a blogger, you’re putting yourself out there, your life is on the internet and you’re constantly sharing information about your life. Knowing that hundreds of people who you don’t know could be looking through your Instagram feed is scary! So of course you want people to like who you are at a first glance, which means that you feel that you have to look your… best all the time…I mean surely having likes on a photo makes you feel better about yourself because you feel that there are people out there who do like what you’re doing and like who you are! I’ve recently learnt that although that is true and that it does feel nice, it’s not me. I wanted this blog to be a place that I can express my true feelinag and opinions about certain things as well as sharing my fashion prospects ; but pretty photos just aren’t necessarily me at heart! My closest friends and family know that I’m a bit of a joker, so of course I like taking pretty photos but behind every pretty photo there’s going to be one of me pulling a funny face or just making an utter fool of myself…

And yes, you maybe thinking, ” why is she putting horrific photos of herself on the internet?!” Well, simply because I know that the people who really like me will just find it funny and those who think, “wth” well… who cares what they think?! Do what the hell you want and just be yourself! I you wanna put mug shots up then put mug shots up don’t you worry! 😉 If people say anything, it’s probably because they’re jealous that you have the guts to do it!

Why Follow the Algorithm? CHILL OUT!

There seems to be some unspoken Instagram algorithm where people just post pretty pictures because that’s what everyone else does so surely that means you have to too? Nahhhhhhh!!! Do what you want to do and be original ! If you want to put funny photos on the internet then no-one is stopping you! 😉 I recently watched a video by my fav blogger ever @SongofStyle and she said that the market is already so saturated, so if you want to be successful in the fashion/blogging industry you need to be different from everyone else. There needs to be something about you that is refreshing and gets people wanting to come back and read some more or follow you on Instagram!

Stay fun, stay playful! Life is so serious nowadays, everything is about getting the best grade ever, getting a first at uni etc… But there is so much more to life than all of that! Life’s about enjoying the ride and staying playful and having FUN! What’s the point of going through life if it’s not fun?! For me, I find it hilarious to take crappy photos of myself, it get’s the people around me to have a good laugh which makes me laugh! So just try to enjoy every moment and live life like there’s no tomorrow 😀 

So I know that this blog post was a short but I hope it was re-freshing! I guess I’ve given you a good excuse to have a laugh and I hope you have ! 😉 But I also hope that from this you’ve taken that you should just enjoy life, don’t care about what other people think! Just do what you really want to !

I hope you have a great rest of the week and enjoy the upcoming weekend! I’ll shall see you all in my next blog post.

Ciao for now, Izzy xxx


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    Arianne Obi
    March 30, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    Love this post Izzy, such a nice and true discussion of the perfectly curated image everyone puts out there in comparison to what it takes to get there/reality 🙂

    Arianne x
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

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