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Is “Orange The New Black” ?

Haha, I’m 100% not trying to copyright the title from the Netflix Series but I’ve recently been obsessed with orange as a colour that I love incorporate with my all my outfits one way or another. It’s a known fact that black is generally a staple colour to have in your wardrobe, but I want to prove that isn’t the only essential colour!

I think the misconception with bright colours is that it’s only suitable for summer but I’ve definitely somehow managed to wear it all year round ! Soooo, I decided that it would only be suitable to do an outfit post that kinda explains why I think orange is such a versatile colour  and why everyone has the potential to wear bright colours in one way or another !


Does Orange Suit Everyone?

Hell yesssss! I think a lot of people think that bright colours such as orange and yellow don’t suit them because they’re such a bold statement that some can feel pretty uncomfortable. Okay, so if you’re one of those people, I can totally understand where you’re coming from, because being bold can mean that you might get some funny looks from people. But I guarantee that the “funny” looks are definitely because people are envious that you have the guts to stand out from the crowd ! The other thing is that I honestly think that orange does suit everyone, it’s such a warm shade that it compliments both lighter skin tones and darker ones. It brings out the beauty/ delicacy of lighter skin tones, as well as highlighting the golden tones of more tanned skin. (Whoaaaa that got deep so quickly hahaha, but honestly though, that’s my honest opinion on why bright colours suit everyone!)

So yassss girllllll (or guy 😉 ) if you’re afraid of orange don’t be! Because no matter you’re skin colour, it will definitely suit you! Also, remember that there are so many different shades if you’re not too sure of going for something really bright! In general I would say the darker shades suit the winter months, and the brighter shades are maybe better for the summer… But I 100% disapprove of that because I like to wear bright orange all year round hahaha. But do what you find comfortable! So if you want to ease into brighter colours , just start of with the darker colours and work your way up ! Hahahahah 😀

Incorporating Brighter Colours Into Your Outfits

It’s strange because some of my friends ask me how to wear brighter colours because they don’t know where to start ! The truth is, the best way to start incorporating brighter colours is to simply just to try it ! Be brave and just see how it goes, so most of the time , when I go shopping I always pick out items that are a little out of my comfort zone, whether it’s the colour or the style. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you pick out! Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes it takes time for people to think that they look good in a brighter colour, especially if they’re so use to wearing darker shades. So if you’re not sure, just stick with it because you never know, over time you might really like the bright colours!

 Most of the crazy stuff I wear is simply because I decided to try it out and step out my comfort zone. For example the top form my previous blog post is sooo out of my comfort zone, but it turned out that I love it so much! It’s so different , but still bright and summery!

I know that this post is a bit shorter than my usual/ previous post. But I decided that it’s important to do the outfit posts as well as the fashion posts since a lot of you on Instagram voted that you wanted more outfit posts ! If you don’t already, you can find me on insta @izzy_manuel where you’ll get updates on any new blog posts and youtube videos !

I hope you liked this outfit post, hopefully it’s inspired you to try orange 😉

See you in my next one ! Izzy xxx

Thank you Emmmaaa for taking these summer pics for me! You’re the best <3

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