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Lakaz Maman

(Image of my fav, the yummy coco bun!)

I had the lovely opportunity to go to Lakaz Maman (Mauritian Restaurant) in Southampton, after reading that the restaurant was opened by Shelina Permalloo, the 2012 master chef winner; we all knew that we just had to try it out! So, instead of ordering one dish each, we decided to order a couple of different dishes and then share them out between the four of us. So this is what we ordered 😉

  1. Coconut Prawns
  2. Prawn & Fennel Croquets
  3. Maman Sheila’s Samosa
  4. Cari Lakaz Maman with Braised Mutton and one with Chicken
  5. Magic Bowl with Chicken and Prawn

For dessert we decided to be real pigs and we ordered two each ! We all went for, the “Yummy Coco Bun” and the “Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cupcake.”

Continue reading if you would like to hear about each dish and what we though about it! Plus, of course to have a sneaky peek of the photos 😉

Why don’t start with the curries? Both curries were creamy, spicy and full of flavour with plenty of character. Although the base of both curries appeared to be the same, each one tasted slightly different due to the meat content. I must admit that my favourite was the Braised Mutton, I just loved how meat fell apart on your fork and the flavour was just so rich ! The chicken curry was also delicious, it’s definitely a better option if you are not a fan of strong flavours or red meat. Both dishes tasted amazing with roti or with rice… or even both! 😉 It’s definitely a classic Mauritian curry, and tastes just as good as it looks… maybe even better than it looks ! 😀

The other main dish we went for was the Magic Bowl, I’m pretty sure it’s a Lakaz Maman Special because everyone is always raving about it! I would say that it is a mixture of Chinese flavours with a bit of a twist. It’s full of yummy soya sauce and garlic, stir fried with a mixture of ingredients and then topped with a lovely sunny side up egg! If you love chinese food then you have to get this! It’s available with either chicken & prawns, the seafood special or a vegetarian option, so it’s perfect for everyone! The Magic Bowl was all three of my friends favourite dish because of the sauce. If you every try this dish let me know what you think in the comments down below. 😀 Another highlight of our meal were definitely the side dishes. We did indeed order an endless amount of food, as for side we went for the classic vegetable samosa, the prawn & fennel croquette and the coconut prawns. Hahaha, we definitely had our fair share of prawns! 😉 My favourite side was definitely the prawn & fennel croquettes, they were so flavoursome and full of texture. They were soooo good!! Please dooo try them! The vege samosas were also so yummy, they were crunchy on the outside and filled with a lovely vegetable curry. Finally, the coconut prawns were also super luscious, crunchy on the outside and co “coconutty.” The final and I would say most amazing thing about the meal was 100% the desert ! OMD, the yummy coco bun was definitely yummy. I was basically a soft sweet burger bun filled with coconut ice cream and topped with salted caramel and pistachios. The dessert of my dreams 😉

Well I know that this blog post is slightly different but I hope you all like a little change ! I literally loved my time in Lakaz Maman and I will definitely be going there again. So Shelina if you are reading this, thank you so much for such a lovely meal ! I will absolutely be visiting you soon.

I wish you all enjoyed this blog post and I shall be uploading a new post soon!

Lots of Love my dears,

Izzy xxx

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