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Never Too Bright, Never Too Bold

Bbbrrrrr hasn’t the weather suddenly got all cold and icy?! Despite it being freezing, I still love winter. Yup that’s right! You’d probably think me as a summer baby, but I just love how snuggly and warm you can get at winter. Sitting by an open fire with a fluffy socks on and a nice warm blanket and don’t forget a cheeky hot chocolate! 😉 Who wouldn’t want to do that?! When it comes to fashion winter allows you to ;ayer up as much as you want and no one will even bat an eyelash. There is a tendency for people to wear darker colours in the winter months because they feel that you can’t get away with brightened crazy outfits. But honestly, who said that you can’t? Summer is definitely a nice time to wear bright clothes but sometimes, especially on those colder nights why not wear something bright to brighten the mood a little? I honestly don’t think you can ever be too bright or too bold, both in a fashion sense and on a personal level. After all, what you wear resembles who you are.

Experimenting has always been my thing, it’s such a fun way to step outside of your comfort zone and just try something a little different. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easier said than done; where do you even start to find ideas to experiment with? Ahhh, it’s actually pretty easy, just open your wardrobe doors and put together the two things you would have never thought would go together. Hey, you might be pleasantly surprised ! In all honesty, that’s exactly how I put an outfit together when I want to shoot a new blog post, because as a student I don’t have the money nor time to buy new outfits all the time. So I have to end up recycling clothes, it’s no big deal though! It keeps your mind creative when it comes to how to make your outfits more interesting!

Layering is such a fun and easy way to recycle clothes but still keeping your outfits looking different! I decided to wear a simple ribbed turtleneck with this stunning abstract off the shoulder top to try something new. Usually I’d only wear this abstract top in summer, but I was definitely feeling the need to punch some colour into this looks, so I decided to bring it out for winter. I don’t usually do this kind of layering so it definitely was a whole new thing for me hahaha 😉 . I think the contrasting orange and white work well together and the white softens the brightness of the orange. Naturally, a turtle neck is every girls favourite because you don’t have to wear a massiivveeeee scarf out in winter ! 😉 The two tops are very much a “vintage gal” meets “modern chick” kinda look which is a pretty fun way to look a little different. Wearing white is kinda like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, so it always brings out the colours you wear; it just makes that colour pop just a little bit more 😉 .


Whenever I wear something bold a little rule of mine is to compliment it with something a bit more simple and casual. So for this look I’m wearing my new favourite jeans by Uniqlo; they’re the perfect cut for my petite frame and are SO COMFY! You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of blue high waisted jeans in your wardrobe. For someone like me, high waisted jeans are really good at elongated the legs to make you look just that little bit taller! To add a little edge to these jeans I got them in a length that is a little too long for me so that they can be folded. It just adds that little bit of colour and texture contrast to your average pair of jeans without it being too much of a statement. Keeping with the casual bottoms, Im wearing the comfiest pair of paperplanes trainers. They look a little like the PUMA heart trainers but were just that bit cheaper! I honestly highly suggest getting a pair of paperplanes trainers because they are just so gorgeous and are perfect for your everyday look.


The finishing touch to this look is to add that final punch of colour by wearing my fav Zara yellow fur jacket. I never think the fur jacket is going to go out of fashion because it’s just so cosy warm which is what you need on a cold winters day! Another thing I love about wearing fur is that it adds some really fun textures to your look! Plus, doesn’t this sunshine yellow just make your dreary day just that little bit brighter?! Yup, wearing bright colours always lifts my mood hahaha ;).

I hope you all liked this outfit! It’s definitely something a little different to your average winter look but no harm in being different ! Hahaha 😉 I can’t wait to share some more outfits and general posts over the Christmas weeks! I’ll definitely get a Christmas post in don’t you worry! Have a wonderful week my dears! It’s the last working week before the holidays! You can do it! 😀

I’ll see you all in my next post! Lots of Love, Izzy xxx

Thank you to my dear Emily from That’s Just Emily for taking these wonderful photos ! She’s such a star !


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