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Red- The Perfect Transition Colour

April seems to be that awkward time of the year where it isn’t quite warm enough to wear shorts and dresses but not quite cool enough to wear cosy jumpers. It’s also that time where I’m slowly making the transition from winter colours into more vibrant summery tones. I found that the best colour for this time of year is definitely a bold red, not maroon, not quite pink but reddddd. It brings the brightness that you would want to wear in the summer months but still has some autumn and winter tones which is perfect for the wardrobe transition. I’m wearing these bright red satin cropped trousers which I picked up from a charity shop for £5! Such a bargain! 😛

Since the trousers are so bright, I decided to wear a simple crisp white grid shirt and tie it at the front to give it a nice cropped element. Perfect for the spring-summer change over. I’m also wearing my new favourite coat of all time from Zara. It’s the perfect warmth and style for this time of year and goes with absolutely everything; it most certainly adds a touch of masculinity which I love! It’s hard to tell in photos but its a simple pinstripe boyfriend coat that on me is an awkward length but I quite like the length. It adds something a little different to the look, I don’t really know how to explain it!

For the final touches, I decided to throw a feminist touch in to equalise the masculinity of the coat by wearing this ribbon lace up socks. Aren’t they just the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen?! They seem to really work with the classic Adidas Stan Smiths and add a little scope to an otherwise relatively “flat” look. To make the red really pop, I’m wearing a simple leather rucksack and my vintage ray bans; I also added my monster bag charm to my bag to add a little fun to the whole ordeal. To finish everything off I’m wearing a daring red lippy just to try something a little new because I don’t wear that much makeup very often.

This was definitely one of my more casual outfits in the scheme of things but sometimes it’s nice to keep things nice and simple don’t you think? I hope you liked this outfit post and are going to start wearing a little red this transition season!

I shall see you all in my next blog post.

Lots of love, Izzy xxx

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