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Saturday By Megan Ellaby

Firstly, this is NOT AN AD, I’ve been wanting to write about this amazing knitwear brand by my all time favourite blogger for SUCH a long time… Now that she’s just added another piece to her collection I thought it would be the perfect time to finally the post out there! I also thought it would be a good way to incorporate the idea of graphic knitwear and how to style them. They’re really in at the moment, with stores like Topshop and even Primark ( which I don’t like for ethical reasons but hey ho…) bringing out bold, fun and graphic knitwear which is perfect for the winter-spring transition and are SUCH a dream to style!

So why have I specially decided to style the OH SO knit from the Megan by Ellaby collection? I’m super sensitive to wool in general, it usually makes me SO itchy which is just not okay lol… So it was so nice to find high quality super soft wool that still looked so damn good! It’s also slim fit which I think is so much more flattering on the body than something bagy, it just means that you can wear it with everything! The material is also seriously light weight which is really refreshing for knitwear. It’s the perfect kind of jumper that you can wear on a cool summers day or layer it up like I’ve done for winter or spring!

It’s also so nice to find that wardrobe staple that you can 100% dress up or dress down according to how you feel! For this look I really wanted to channel that inner colour clash personality that I seem to live by these days… But I also wanted to keep the cooler blue/green tones the main focus because I sometimes think it can be nice to keep to a general colour scheme with outfits. For this look I’m wearing the OH SO jumper with a super cute green suede skirt ( ebay of course) , DM’s and a vintage dogtooth blazer. The suede and wool combo is a great way to add some texture and of course the blue and green is a perfect eye-catching colour clash. I guess I decided to wear DM’s with this look because I think it can look really cool when you a style a more feminine ‘dainty’ outfit with more masculine, edgy pieces. Dr Martens are also just so versatile and I genuinely think you can pretty much wear them with any outfit! Interestingly, I decided to go for a more vintage jacket. The rest of the outfit seemed modern and contemporary, in a way that I always think it’s nice to throw it back a little which a bit of a vintage flare! The finishing touch was definitely to add that extra colour clash which I did by adding this cute little orange suede bag which was kindly gifted to me by the socialight app. As we all know, orange is my fav colour, I’m not going to lie, if I can get it into any outfit I will heheh 😉 .

With spring slowly but surely on it’s way I know I’m going to be getting this graphic jumper out A LOT MORE! If you haven’t already seen the new Saturday jumper then you might want to check it out because it’s got the dreamiest colour combination! I know for sure that if I have some spare cash at the end of this month I’m going to be spending my uni money on it 😉 I think I’m the kind if person that rather spends a little more money on knitwear that I know is going to last, is of amazing quality and adds something fun and different to my wardrobe! Even though high street brands and even second hand fashion can offer some really fun pieces, I always think it’s really nice to support your fellow bloggers!

Do any of you have a Saturday jumper? If you do which one do you have and how would you style it?! Would love to hear which ones your fav!

I’ll see you in my next post and I will try my very best not to take as long to get it up… (The life of a chemistry student is stressful lol 😉 .)

Izzy xxx

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