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Seville Travel Diary

So here it is finally! My Seville travel diary of my trip to Spain over half term. During the four days we explored the whole of the city by foot, walking through the pebbled streets and integrating with local culture. This is just a simple blog post just to show what we got up and my some suggestions just incase you wanted to go there! Images always speak more volumes than words, so I guess you can say its more of an image diary πŸ˜›

I’d love to hear what you lovelies got up to this half term, and if you have any blog post suggestions be sure to note them in the comments! <3 I hope you enjoy the read πŸ™‚


Recently I’ve become more and more interested in architecture and the Spaniards have really got there buildings on a whole new level. The photo above is a beautiful church called the Iglesia del SeΓ±or San Jose, found on Calle San Jose. I’m totally in love with the pinky red hues of the brick work and the intricate carvings found around the windows and the doorway. I would definitely recommend visit the church if anything just to see the beautiful architecture! Don’t you think that it’s just stunning?! <3

img_9497 img_9521

Beautiful mosaic flooring and walls found in the Palace of the Countess Lebrija, definitely a place you need to go to see the intricate artwork and beautiful colours. The palace also has an interesting background, so if you are interested in history this is also another lovely site you should visit.

img_9433 img_9441

We all know that I am a huge fan of food! So naturally we spent a lot of our time eating out and enjoying Spanish food. The first restaurant we went to was called Abades Triana and is situated on South side of the river. It has an amazing view of Seville’s tourist sites and serves the yummiest food! I really enjoyed having lunch there, the atmosphere was lovely, the service was good and of course the food was top notch! πŸ˜› The other restaurant that really made an impression was called Canabota, it’s only a small eatery but serves the freshest and most delicious seafood! Lots of the dishes were inventive and unusual in the best way possible! It was most definitely my favourite meal of the whole trip so you would definitely recommend going there if you’re in Seville!

img_9574 img_9582 img_9571 img_9590

The rest of these snaps are just show what else we decided to do and what we got up to in general. I am indeed a huge photography fan and of course love taking looks of photos of everything that happened! I guess you can say I’ve made a photo diary of the mini trip. I hope you enjoy these snaps as much as I loved taking them! <3

img_9330 img_9300 img_9352 img_9310

Fusion Japanese and western food! It tasted sooo good! I’m definitely going to try and make it at home. I mean who would have ever though that truffle infused Angus beef on rice would taste sooo good?! πŸ˜‰

img_9412 img_9499

I feel so bad for posting this blog post so late but I’ve just been so busy with work etc and I’m sorry about that πŸ™ I hope you all had a fantastic half term ! I’d love to hear what you got up to, so comment down below! I’m shooting a new outfit post this weekend so definitely stay tuned for that and don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin’ for updates! <3

Lots of love, Izzy xxx

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