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Spring Positivity

We all know that the weather has been absolutely pants over the last couple of weeks, between snow and rain, it feels like an eternal winter. But despite the shitty weather and the cold, there’s been a hint of sunshine and spring finally feels like it’s breaking through. With Easter just gone, it’s that time of year for a fresh beginning and to work on the things that haven’t been quite right over the last couple of months. I mean, doesn’t a “Spring Clean” also metaphorically mean cleansing the mind and starting afresh as well as getting rid of all the clutter in our homes?

With that in mind, I’m ready to step into spring with a new mind set, one that is much more positive than the one I walked into the new year with. Why the sudden change? Why the need for change?

Positivity and Cleansing the Mind

Goodbye negativity and hello that positive mind set that I’ve been missing ! Okay, so if you know me personally or have been following my blog for a while then you probably know me as a fun, out going positive person. For the most, yep that is me. But there are moments where that positivity and happiness seems to go for a little walk and I’m left feeling lost. But I’ve learnt my triggers, and I’ve learnt what causes me to fall down that trap and hell yeah! I’m ready to work on it ! Maintaining a positive attitude can be hard, there are always going to be testing times, where your willingness kinda just fades a little, but that’s okay too. We can’t be happy 100% of the time, otherwise how are we human?

In spite of that, if you push to be positive and put 110% into trying to be as happy as you can and just look on ,” the bright side of life,” you’re more likely to actually try and get out of that negative mind set. But what do I mean by cleansing the mind? Well, it’s the Easter Holidays, so it’s a good time to reflect on the things you’ve done over the last couple of months and the things that you want to improve on. After the holidays, we go back to work, uni or school and it’s the perfect time to bring a cleared head and a positive mindset to the table. If you hit the ground running you’re so much more likely to maintain a positive attitude and push to stay happy !

It’s been a long time since I’ve this positive about uni, but I’m definitely going to utilise it because what have you got to lose? In a way, you have to fake it to make it with these kind of things and I’m definitely not one to fake things. If you believe that you’re going to positive then you will be positive. So just keep trying and eventually it will all come naturally !

Life Can Be Tough

My last semester at uni was tough, I’m not going to deny that, there were times where it didn’t know whether uni was the right place for me, there was just a lot on my plate and sometimes it felt like too much. Despite it being a tricky one, I realised that there will be moments in your life that things seem shit and nothing is working out as planned. But overtime we go through these tough patches. We learn from our mistakes and how to deal with the situation if are faced with a similar position in the future. Knowing that made me realise that everything we do is just a learning curve for life. Coming out of that hard time has given me a burst of positivity, I want the next semester to be so much better and I’m going to strive to achieve that.I went into the last semester in a negative mindset, which just lead the whole semester down a rabbit hole which was so hard to get out of. Starting anything with a good mind set sets you up for a good run because you’ll try your very best to maintain positive and happy vibes.

Whenever going through a tough patch, you have to learn from it and then move on. Don’t dwell on the past, but look into the future and think, “onwards and upwards.” The old saying that, “you learn from your mistakes,” is definitely true, we learn and we move on. If things aren’t want they seem, it was probably for the best, but you just don’t know it yet. Life will be tough at time, but it’s all about learning. So matter how tenacious it is, it will always be beneficial in one way or another.

Go For Gold

I know for many people, the next couple of weeks are the run up to exams, whether that be at school, college or university. So I know that hardcore revision is on the table and it’s probably the time of year where stress levels spike and everyone runs around like a loose head chicken. Nonetheless, no matter how you feel about exams and whether you feel like you test well or not, GO FOR GOLD! Aim high, be positive but still be realistic. It can be hard to get the balance between the two, but no matter what happens, if you’ve tried your best, then your best will be good enough. I know for a fact that I struggle to think like that, dealing with disappointment isn’t one of my strong points. But knowing that it’s something I find difficult, I’m working as hard as I can to be accepting and move on. If you’ve given something 110% effort then you’ve done more than enough, it doesn’t matter what other people get because you’ve done all that you could’ve done. Aiming high and being positive is one of the best ways to do well in exams or at work, simply because if you believe you can, you will!

You just have to ignore everyone around you when it comes to exams, because who cares what other people get? Just concentrate on yourself and what you can get ! Much easier said than done and I have FULL experience with it, but honestly, is one exam going to really change your life? Nope! So stay positive and be ambitious !

Thank you to one of my fav humans beings , Ems from That’s Just Emily for taking these amazing photos ! Be sure to check out her latest blog post ! <3

See you in my next one, Izzy xxx

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