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The Silky Blouse

img_7738Inspired by London Fashion Week, I wanted to try something a little different with my outfits. Last weekend when I went shopping with the Twins in Southsea, I of course popped into a few charity shops to to see if I could find any unique pieces. I picked up this opulent silky blouse in a rich navy blue. It’s iridescent, sheer and oversized, what else would you want ! 😛 I wanted to add a powerful element to the look, so I decided to wear this pink ombre silk scarf as a pussybow. The different shades of pink worked so well with the blouse and enhanced the purple shades in the shirt.

img_8071 img_8098 I’m always looking to add more colour and texture to any look so I decided to wear my Zara pom pom bag and my Stella McCartney platforms. Both the shoes and the bag are unique and the colour combination between the blue of the blouse and the red of my accessories worked so well together in adding another dimension to the look.

I wanted to thank one of my closest friend Ella who shoot these photos. She is an aspiring photographer in London and is ever so talented. If you are a fashion blogger or any other blogger definitely get her to shoot for you! 😛

(Instagram: @isabellarosephotographer1998)

img_7702img_8054 img_8383

After the shoot, natural I was pretty hungry after all the running around across the roads 😉 So my best friend and photographer decided to go out for breakfast in Tintico in North Finchley. I ended getting a pretty large breakfast of granola and a almond macaroon while Ella got a super yummy lemon and poppy seed loaf. If you are ever in the Finchely area definitely go to Tintico, their coffee and cakes are just divine ! <3img_8424 (This is probably one of my favourites and funniest photos from the whole shoot! When you spill your coffee and its caught on camera 😛 )


I hope you all had a lovely weekend ! <3 Following me on “bloglovin” for updates on when I write a new post. I’ve got some really exciting collaborations coming up which I would love to share with you all 🙂

See you soon! Have a great week everyone. <3

Izzy xxx

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