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Two Tones with an Extra Dash of Colour

“The most popular people at school were not the most stylish; it was always those were thoughtful who channelled their minds into creativity. It’s true to say that you don’t have to be extraordinary to be fashionable, you just have to be brave and just a little crazy to create something memorable.” – Izzy Manuel

Fashion is a way of expressing who you are and your personality. Someone who is brave, strong and not scared to be themselves areΒ often the ones that create extraordinary outfits. Its never too late to step out of your shell… Being different isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it. πŸ˜€















Jeans: Gap (similar) || Shirt: Topshop (Similar) || Jacket: Topshop (similar) ||

I love the creativity that this blog allows me to have, it gives me great joy to create quirky and unusual outfits which I hope to stay in your minds for a long time. I adored creating this outfit, it’s both classic and classy, but still has a modern feel and a bit of edge. There’s something about two-toned items that really make something simple look suddenly a whole lot more put together. In this outfit, I’m wearing my Marks and Spencer two toned jeans which I managed to get in the sale for Β£13!! ( I know can you believe that Marks and Spencer designed something so cool ?! πŸ˜› ) I’m wearing these mom jeans with a super simple yet cute blouse that has a frilled collar and cuffs, everything seems to look better with frills ! The old school vintage style blouse works so well with modern cut jeans because it creates a parallel era within your outfit making it look more interesting. Instead of wearing a normal belt I decided to also wear a two toned pink scarf to create an eye-catching centre piece; it also reminiscence the jeans and together they act as a “two tone pair.” πŸ˜€

Accessorising this outfit was super fun and in a way a little challenging. I wanted to add more colour to my look because it seemed a little low key for me, however I didn’t want to go over board and look too busy :P. In the end, I went for my Miista ombre boots to match my emerald green jacket and my fav Phillip Lim bag. This particular shade of green works well at this time of year because it adds colour without being too summery; it also suited the brightness of my makeshift pink belt. The Phillip Lim bag was a great way to stay within the colour scheme while still adding some much needed texture (yup… I love a good bit of texture ! πŸ˜› .) As I always say, texture is one of the best ways to jazz up any outfit and I use that technique sooo much ! hahahah πŸ˜€






















I really enjoyed writing this blog post because I felt that this outfit really portrayed my personality and fashion is all about showing who you are with what you wear. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found some of the tips I’ve included useful for you when putting together your next look!

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I shall see you all in my next one ! <3

Lots of Love, Izzy xxx

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