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Venice Outfit Diary

After my last trip to Dubrovnik, I decided to write an outfit diary of all the outfits/ my favourite looks of the trip. The last one went down a treat so I decided to do the same for my Venice trip because naturally I would bring a whole different wardrobe with me 😉 . My trip to Venice was primarily to see a friend who was out there and to go to the film festival to watch some new upcoming independent and blockbuster films. It was such an incredible trip and I would love to go back there ! It was all so picturesque, the weather was fab, the food was unbelievable and if you knew where to go it wasn’t even too expensive !! If you ever have the opportunity to go there, I would definitely say take it without a doubt because it was one of my all time favourite holidays!

Day 1

Day 1 was one of the more cooler days of my short trip! Despite the “coolness,” it was definitely still shorts and t-shirt weather hahahaha 😉 . I’m wearing a supercool off the shoulder floral bodysuit which I picked up from the Zara sale for £4.99! What a mega-bargain ahahaha. This summer I’ve suddenly started to get really interested in floral prints, especially the ones with big vibrant summery shades of course ! 😉 . The most eye-catching thing about this bodysuit is definitely the one shoulder and statement sleeve, isn’t it just gorgeous?!! Having a cheeky statement within a piece of clothing is the easiest way to grab any fashion lovers attention. Since the floral print on the top has an inkling of orange and red, I’ve paired the bodysuit with some vintage orange high waisted shorts which I bought from a local charity shop heheheh 😀 . I think incorporating denim with a slightly overdressed look is such a great way to tone down an outfit that might be a little OTT and just to make it a little more casual and easy going. I’ve added a chunky patent belt and some dusty converses to give the look a vintage feel. 

Naturally, I wanted to step a little outside of my comfort zone, so I decided to try wearing this super cute two toned floppy beach hat. I’m generally not a hat person but I couldn’t help but fall in love with this unusual colourful number. It was perfect for the sunny Venetian weather and was a great simple accessory for the look. To add to the vintage feel I’m wearing my old school Ray Ban’s which are my go to sunnies since they go with absolutely everything! This kind of look is a nice and easy way to look well-dressed but eye-catching and casual in summer. 😀

Day 2

Whoaaaa, was it hot on the second day of our trip! You know it’s hot when you have to get the sandals out ahaha 😉 . Day 2 was by-far my favourite look of the whole trip, it’s so up my street with vibrant and eye-catching colours and bold prints. Some serious colour pop going on here ahaha 😉 . I’m wearing a gorgeous off the shoulder floral blouse with amazing puffed sleeves. There is something almost childish about the floral print, most likely the graphic style flowers and the large use of primary colours; despite the childlike feel, the blouse is just so much fun and different to what you usually see! No wonder it nearly sold out in a flash ahahaha 😉 . It’s one of those blouses that suit any occasion, but especially the summer months! (Although I feel like I’m going to be wearing it all year round hahaha 😉 .) With this top I feel like you just have to go all out, so I’m wearing a vintage lilac pair of Levi cut-offs which just add to the whole colour-pop and fun idea. 

To add a little texture I’m wearing my summery red pompom bag by Zara, it just continues to add that colour which is just perfect for this fun and dynamic look. To finish things off I’m wearing some simple blue leather sandals and some fun swirly dangly earrings. I’ve recently started getting into statement earrings, they’re such a great way to help frame the face and add a focal point higher up on the body so that the outfit seems more complete from head to toe. Most statement earrings on offer seem to be tassel based but who say’s that you have to wear bright coloured tasselled to make a statement? You can always opt for unusual metal ones such as the ones I’m wearing in this post and another pair which will be featuring in a later post (stay tuned for that one! 😉 ).

 A fun and cheerful outfit is such a great way to resemble the summer holiday mood which is what I decided to go for when choosing this look! <3

Day 3

When exploring the city it became obvious that I had to wear something super comfortable, walking up to five or six hours a day isn’t going to work when you’re in an outfit that may look good but was really uncomfortable. Day 3’s outfit was the best way to wear something comfy yet fun and colourful as well as being perfect for the summer heat ! For this look I’m wearing a cute ruffled polka dot skirt with a simple neon yellow crop top. Ruffles have been so in this year and I honestly think they aren’t going to be backing down for the autumn season! (Thankfully because it’s such a fun trend that I’m loving at the moment hahahaha 😀 .) The skirt is very fun and girly which is perfect for the warm summer months, to contradict the girly-ness of the skirt I’m wearing a pretty casual and sporty top in a luminous yellow top which is so eye-catching. Incorporating different styles together is a great way to make an outfit look a little different and distinct. 😀

Keeping the girly trend strong, I’m wearing these really cute lace up ballerina socks which are wacky but add a striking feature around the simple Stan Smiths which I’m wearing. To accessorise, I’m wearing my Italian independent velvet sunnies which naturally add some texture and more colour to the look. Sticking to my newfound love for statement earrings, I’m wearing a pair glass earring which I picked up from the local Venetian market for £3!! They’re definitely conspicuous and are really different to anything I’ve seen before which is why they were a must have! Finally I’m wearing my super cute Zara “This is not my fault” bag, isn’t it just so fun and playful? 😉 It’s the perfect little bag that can fit all the daily essentials in and just looks so cute !

My trip to Venice was pretty short but so memorable! All these outfits are just a fun and colourful which is what you need for the summer months. I hope you enjoyed this read as much as my Dubrovnik Outfit diary, it was certainly just as fun to write !

If you ever have the chance to visit Venice, even for the day then I would definitely say GO THERE! It’s so scenic and beautiful and I don’t think there is anywhere quite like it on the planet.

I can’t wait to share all the other blog posts I have lined up, if you follow me on Instagram @izzy_manuel then you will know that I’ve done a collaboration with @wildshots_ and I can’t wait to share all the pics with you! So stay tuned for all the new content coming your way 😀 .

Lots of love, Izzy xxx

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